Preanalytics comprise collection, preparation and storage of the samples.

  • The following should be shown together with the data:
    • Type of sample
    • Sample collection details, e.g. amount, collection tubes, cell passages
    • Sample preparation details
    • Storage conditions
    • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Current best practice:
    • Collect, prepare and store samples on ice
    • Immediately flash-freeze in liquid nitrogen
    • Long-time storage at -150°C – -80°C
  • Evaluation of preanalytic requirements for the sample material is highly recommended e.g.:
    • Stability at different temperatures
    • Stability during preparation and storage e.g. impact of storage containers and solvents
    • For blood samples – time to separate plasma/serum
    • For lipid mediators – prevention of artifactual generation e.g. addition of organic solvents, use of additives or enzyme inhibitors.